Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Here is the page of privacy policy of ease LIMITED (hereinafter, called “we”).

Personal information protection policy

We strive to protect personal information by defining policies as mentioned below, establishing protection measures, and training all employees an importance of protecting personal information and engagement in it.

Handling of personal information

We handle personal information under a strict control by taking necessary measures such as maintenance of security and management system and thorough employee training etc., so that integrity of personal information is maintained and protected from unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and divulgation.

Use of personal information

We use personal information such as name, e-mail address, phone number which were provided to us via our website solely for purpose of responding to the person by e-mail or postal mail about his/her query.

Prohibition of sharing personal information with third parties

We do not share provided customers’ personal information with third parties unless any of the followings applies:

It is agreed by customer.

We need to share customers’ personal information with our subcontractors in order to provide requied services.

There is a legal request to disclose customers’ personal information.

Security measures for personal information

We take all possible measures to protect integrity and security of personal information.

Information about yourself

If customer wish to review/change/delete own personal information provided to us, we check the personal identification first of all.

Legal compliance and review

We comply with local laws and other regulations applicable to provided personal information, and effort to keep our policy updated by periodical reviews.

Contact us

Please contact us if any questions on privacy policy:
1-6-11-1102, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-0033 JAPAN

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