Product Lineup


Code 128 Label Generator


Product list

  1. shirinnji-s
    Silicone inspector inside syringes
  2. hies-3000
    GS1 Module Controller HIES-3000
  3. cv-x200
    GS1 Code Inspection・Matching・Verification System
  4. uv-ink-jet-printer01
    UV Inkjet Printer
  5. code128-label-issuing-system01
    Code 128 Label Generator
  6. led-lighting-for-image-processing01
    LED lights and Power supplies for image processing
  7. all-image-recording-device01
    Monitor Recorder
  8. construction-line-security01
    Establishment of In-line security system

    Equipment related to engineering

  9. packaging-inspection01
    Packaging system・Inspection machine

    Equipment related to engineering

  10. pulse-x-ray01
    Pulsed X-ray Inspection System PXS-150
  11. x-ray-line-camera01
    X-ray Inspection System (line scan camera type)